12-family-linesWeek two on the Booth family line. I started with the children of Joseph and Ada Booth and am continuing with the previous generation in this family line. Joseph who was my 2x great grandfather on my maternal line was born in England on 14 November 1838, the fifth child of Joseph L. Booth and Alice (Robinson). The other Children born to Joseph and Alice were:

  • Henry born 20 February 1827 in Padham, Lancashire, England. He died 11 months later on 17 January 1828
  • Mary A.  born 11 Jan 1829. Immigrated with her family in Sept. 1842. Married William Bamber about 1852. Died prior to Sept 1897¹. West Mew Brighton, Staten Island, New York
  • Servetus  born 29 March 1831, died in England prior to the 1841 census.
  • Walton (Walter) born 1 April 1833, Immigrated with his family in Sept. 1842. Died 12 April 1893 West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York
  • Nancy born Sept 1840 in England. Immigrated with her family in Sept. 1842. 1st marriage to Henry Bell about 1860². 2nd marriage to James Gee about 1867. Nancy died 9 July 1903 in Rhode Island.
  • Isaac born 1843 possibly in Pennsylvania.
  • Alice born 1845 possibly in Massachusetts married Matthew Taylor about 1871
  • Sarah

I started this blog last week and I am now on week three of the Booth Family line and I am very frustrated. I had gotten to Sarah Booth who was born in either 1842 0r 1844 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Sarah married Thomas M. Butterworth . And I thought there was one more daughter born in 1847. But I was unable to verify this and started rechecking all of the US census’ for the Joseph and Alice Booth family in Castleton (Port Richmond), Richmond County, New York. That is where my frustration comes in. My Family Tree maker program is so screwed up with the Ancestry media files that I would love to burn it but I do not want to start over. I pull up the census for 1880, supposedly attached to Alice Booth and it is a census for Mt Sterling Ohio. Obviously Alice never got further west then Pennsylvania or New Jersey. The media info attached to that file clearly says Richmond county New York but it is not. I would estimate that 90% of all my files are like this. So now I shall write another letter to both Ancestry and Family Tree Maker to see if there is an easier solution then unlinking each one as I discover them and trying to reattach the correct file. For 1880 I have 63 different media files. In 1880 in Richmond County I am following the Booth, Heap, and Dougherty lines plus the married daughters of those three lines.

So as I have said previously the challenge has been to stay on the line I’m working with, but other fun things come up. Like my 3rd cousin in Australia has made a new connection on our Heap line and shared all that exciting information with me. Then another Volga German researcher ( my husbands maternal line) contacted me and I wanted to share information there about the upcoming 250th Anniversary of the Volga German settlers establishments of many of the colonies  in the Saratov region on the Southern Volga River. 23 and  me (the DNA testing company) said I have 63 new relations identified. That was exciting! Where do they all come from?

The Booth line is a major line and I need to clean up this binder and organize what needs to be done to document and provide source information of each member in as many generations as I can before my deadline of March 1st.

I will try to wrap up the Booth’s in my next blog and hope you will stick with me. Let me know what your frustrations are in your research files.

¹Petition for Estate Executor was filed with the County in Sept.  1897

²1860 US census shows Henry Bell and Sarah Bell living with William and Mary Ann (Booth) Bamber . Just 2 doors down Roe Street in Port Richmond from Joseph and Ada J. Booth and within blocks of their parents Joseph and Alice Booth.


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  1. Hi, I am enjoying your Booth stuff. Are you able to see my tree on ancestry.com? I have lots about the Booth family including Alice Robinson Booth’s family back several generations. She had a fairly large family of siblings altho all the boys died as children. I got most of my info from the church registers, just went through page by page. It is fascinating how you feel you know the community by reading church records. I also puzzle over Sarah Booth on Staten Island. Fanny married a Meese who landed up in insane asylums until after 1900. He was in the Civil War but by 1875 was listed as insane. A difficult life for her and she was hopefully helped by so much family nearby. I also am working on Mary Ann Bamber’s death date. I see other people call the older Joseph L Booth Joseph Law Booth but I can’t see where they found the Law part. Do you know anything about that? It is unusual to always use an initial at that time. I have lots to share with you-the easiest would be if you can use my ancestry tree-if that is not possible I will copy info for you and send it. Best wishes, Donna Pettit

    1. Donna, yes I had found the information on Alice Robinson in the Parish records also. Very fascinating. I do not remember who said they thought the L. was for Law, but I personally have not been able to prove that. Many others in the family also have the L. for a middle initial but I have not yet found where that is spelled out as either Law or something else. I really have enjoyed the research in Lancashire for not only the Booth line but also my Heap line.

  2. I replied through the ancestry notice I received and that doesn’t go through-I have a lot to learn! Including how to invite folks to see my stuff-thanks so much for inviting me to see your tree. I already, after a quick look, am thrilled to get a death date for Mary Ann Bamber-one of my to do items. I think my tree is public and is under DonnaLee Taylor Pettit. If it isn’t, let me know. thanks again and I am looking forward to looking at your records. Donna

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