My connection to the Lees of Lancashire starts with Mally Lees who married Robert Heap on 16 August  1789. Her father was John Lees of Ashton-under lyne, Lancashire, England.  I found the record of intent to marry in the Cheshire records office through Family Search. Family Search showed the record which states that Mally’s father was John Lees of Hurst. While I was not allowed to copy the 2 page document from their site, Family Search does provided a link to the Cheshire England Records office, where I requested a copy. After two emails to the Cheshire records office they finally emailed me that the record I want was in the mail. I was hoping that there would be more information then what was shown in the transcription.

Mally Lees is stated to be from Hurst in the Parish of Ashton-under lyne County of Lancaster, the Diocese of Chester

Hurst did not become its own Parish until 1894.

This document was from 1789. This is what I finally received.


This is marvelous. The first page shows Robert Heaps Signature and seal.  The second page clearly states that her father is John Lees but no profession is mentioned for John. Shucks, while I love having copies of the original records I did not learn anything new.

It states “Robert Heap of Quick Wood in the Parish of Saddleworth, County of York & Diocese of Chester, Clothier.” That he was a clothier was a previous known fact from his will, which verifies this is the same Robert Heap.

Lancashire, York and Cheshire all meet here near Ashton-under lyne.

By Nilfanion – Ordnance Survey OpenData:County boundaries and GB coastlineNational Geospatial-Intelligence AgencyIrish, French and Isle of Man coastlines, Lough Neagh and Irish border, CC BY-SA 3.0,

St. Michael’s parish in Ashton Under Lyne has extensive records going back into the 17th century. The only problem some of those found on-line are not in such good shape and sometimes the handwriting is pretty atrocious.While there doing our research in 2000 I was limited by what I knew or could find that were obvious direct connections.

Ashton under lyne Parish Records

The number of John Lees in this area during the late 1700’s is a little daunting. Looking for a baptism for John Lees so I can determine who his parents were.

My to Do List
  • Note each John Lees baptized in Ashton under Lyne parish between 1740 and 1770.
  • Note marriages and deaths of John Lees same time period same parish
  • Check for probate/wills of all John Lees in the area.


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  1. My Dear cousin,

    Great work. Here is something that may interest you on the LEES, a lot of them, I believe it was JOHN LEES of Hurst that was, what we here in the USA would call BLACK LISTED, a lot to do with the mills and trying to get better working conditions for the mill works. If I can find my papers on this I will forward it to you. John, was a I believe a big union worker and he may have owned some mills. I will have to look into my many files. . . . GREAT WORK


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