This week I’m opening the Shipp binder. It has been quite some time since I’ve done anything with this family. When I start a new binder I usually grab a one inch view binder in white. I can print out the family name on a sheet and then make one for the spine also. If the pages are like the military record pages that are 8 1/2 x 14. I have ordered on-line special ledger size binders and sheet protectors . Until I did this I was finding that I was unable to keep these oversized pages from getting dog eared and worn. It was certainly, for me, a worthwhile investment.

Caroline ‘Clementine’ Jane Shipp

George Washington Francis married Caroline Clementine’ Shipp This line is on my fathers side (paternal) and my sister Madeleine is doing the research for the Paternal side. Madeleine has the Shipps back almost 300 years from Clementine to William Shipp born 1572 in Suffolk, England and his wife Margaret Balls.After quizing her on this information she said that this was primarily done very early on in our research and the Information was taken from The Shipp family Genealogy, compiled by Ralph D. Shipp.

As you may know these books are done to the best ability of the author and need to be verified. Hence started my quest into the Shipp line.

Caroline, my 2x great grandmother’s parents were George F, Shipp and Elizabeth Vaughn. I could have started this book with Caroline’s father but I like to be able to see the connection so I started with Caroline and file all her documentation here up until she marries. Then you will find a sheet that says ” See FRANCIS binder for further information on Caroline ‘Clementine’ Jane SHIPP”. She and George Washington Francis were married 2 September 1860 in Visalia, California. She had been born in Louisiana in February 1848 . In the 1850 US census the family is in Jackson county Louisiana. Caroline (3 years old) has an older brother William (5) a younger sister Salina (2) and brother Thomas (4 months). 10 years later the 1860 US Census shows the family in Visalia, California. The family includes: George Shipp, farmer; his wife Elizabeth, Clementine (13), Celina (11), Thomas (9), Catherine (7), Inez (5), Mary (4), Elizabeth (1). Wow all those girls and Thomas. Now what happened to William? Why did they leave Louisiana? From this 1860 US Federal Census we note that the last four children were born in California starting in 1853. Therefore the move to California took place sometime between 1850 and 1853. would that have been an overland trip? Was it on this trip that William died? Was Elizabeth pregnant during this trip? I try to picture what this would have been like for Elizabeth with three or 4 children under the age of 10 making this trek across the country. Thomas would have been a toddler and probably always in his mothers arms. Did Caroline get her nickname of Clementine on this trip. There are no family diarys or stories that I am aware of. I wonder if some of the family might know the story.

George F. Shipp

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Cambria San Luis Obispo Cemetery
from not indexed thought to possibly be George F. Shipp

George F. Shipp is listed as being born in Mississippi about 1819. His father is Coleman Shipp and Jane W. Ford, who were married in Madison County Alabama 16 September 1813. George F. Shipp died in San Luis Obispo County California sometime after the 1880 US Census.

I was able to prove to myself that Coleman Shipp was truly George F. Shipp’s father with a 1842 probate, that lists George by name as Coleman and Jane W. Shipp’s son. The other children are not listed by name so I went in search of identifying as many as possible since he died prior to the 1850 US Census that list all individuals in the house on the night of the census.

One of the Executors was a Thomas Shipp. In reviewing the deeds of Holmes County Mississippi from the creation of Holmes county in 1833 up to 1860 I found two Thomas Shipp’s. One was actually Thomas C. Shipp. in checking with Ancestry and Family Search I found Thomas C. Shipp often shown as Thomas Coleman Shipp. And miss identified as Coleman Shipp. Thomas C. Shipp’s wife is listed in most of his personal deeds as Mary Ann. While Thomas Shipp’s wife is listed as Mariah. So what is the relationship of Coleman and Thomas Coleman Shipp.

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Again I have been distracted from the organizational task to the challenge of answering the question, ” who were his/her parents?” An on it goes.

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  1. Another great article. I so like the way you go along a time line. I always think the California pioneers went to California for land or gold. But as so many of my historical assumptions we may never know

  2. Very good article. I just discovered the Shipp family fairly recently as I had the wrong last name for my ancestor Josephine Shipp Ray. DNA seems to prove the connection to Coleman and Jane Ford Shipp, along with her brother Oliver naming one of his sons after Josephine’s husband Andrew Ray. Josephine named one of her sons, my direct ancestor, Thomas Coleman Ray. Her oldest daughter was named Nancy Jane Ray, which I suspected was named after both of her grandmothers. Trying to locate other documents, outside of DNA that might more conclusively link everyone, but that is proving to be difficult. Josephine also named one of her daughters Clementine Melford Ray.

    1. Beth,
      Glad you liked my Post on Coleman Shipp. I love connecting with cousins. I have a couple more blogs on the Shipps. If interested you might be interested in following my blog. On of the other stories I have on a “Shipp” can be found at this link.
      If you would like to contact me on the “Contact” page we can further discuss our common ancestors
      Again thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

  3. Do you think that Thomas Coleman Shipp was likely the one named executor for Coleman Shipp in that will? I have just started doing research on my husbands family and Thomas Coleman Shipp is about as far back as I can go. I am actually searching for confirmation about his children. Online is only yielding Mary Shipp who trickles down to us. But we have documents trading goods between Thomas Coleman Shipp and his son Nathan Shipp. Would love to see what else you have found!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog. Yes I determined that Thomas Coleman Shipp was the son of Colman Shipp and was executor for the Will of Coleman. Let me check who else I found.

  4. Thank you much for sharing your information on the Shipp family. I am just starting on my journey of delving into my family genealogy and your articles have been a big help. Please keep writing on this as you can.

    Thank you again!
    Holly Shipp

    1. Holly,
      So glad I could help. Thank you for the kind words. I do need to get back and look at the Shipp line again. Do we have an ancestor in common? I would love to here what stories you may have. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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