Ireland 2007 Putnam sisters
Ireland 2007
Putnam sisters

 I  started my genealogy search in 1984 to provide a little family history for the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration of our parents, Lloyd F. PUTNAM and Dorothy A. (née. DOUGHERTY). The presentation made was well received but there were a lot of questions related to family stories that were unanswered.  My sister, Madeleine, became interested in finding some of those answers so we joined forces and made our first trip to Salt Lake City’s Family History Library in 1991. After many years of off and on research, field trips, one website, several online classes, and getting our family members to do their DNA, I have decided to start this family blog This is the result of many enjoyable hours we have spent trying to solve the mysteries within our family history. There are still some elusive relatives and Madeleine has been known to ask on occasion, “When will we be done?”

Gosh where have the years gone. I have been attempting to blog on a weekly schedule, since 2014, while still working a different and mostly 8-5 business. Now I am devoting most my work hours to genealogy. I hope this blog has reached and entertained a few. And Madeleine, we are still not done!

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  1. Just happened upon your website today while researching my husbands family tree and the lineage of Frederick Schneider from Kratska, Russia hoping that I might find information of how they got there from Germany. So, you can imagine my delight in finding your website.

    1. Tonya,
      So happy you found my blog. If you have not already take a look at my blog “52 Ancestors – Johann Chistoph Bender original Volga German” that tells the story how must of my husband’s ancestors went to Russia from Germany. Tell me, how is your husband related to Fredrick Schneider?

      1. I have dabbled in my sons Vogel Germans from out in the Victoria Kansas area…his last man is Schmidtberger….I have found that his 3x great grandfather was one of the founding fathers of that area. They can be a little tricky if you’re not a seasoned genealogist…and evan at that it’s a tough one… your blog I come visit often and have you in my feedly. You do awesome work!

  2. Ada,

    Fredrick Schneider would be my husband Danny’s 2nd great grandfather.
    Frederick Schneider father of
    John George Schneider father of
    Alexander Schneider father of
    Helen Ruth Schneider married Wesley Ferguson
    3 children were born of this Union and my husband Daniel Eugene Ferguson is the middle child. Helen passed when Danny was just 10 years old of cancer.

    Danny’s sister Patty has a book about the Schneiders that I had used to start my search a few years ago. Through that book I had learned of the passage from Russia to Mexico and then on to Kansas.

    I just made contact with Leon Schneider to get a copy of his book about the Schneiders. In speaking with him he stated that he had used the information obtained from John Akers as well.

    Surprising to have made contact with Leon and now you in just the last couple of days.

    Leon told me about the Schneider reunion being held this year in August. Danny and I are planning on attending for the first time.

    Talk to you soon,

    1. Tonya,
      Thanks for the email. My Husband is Daniel’s 2nd cousin 1x removed. Roy’s, my husband’s, grandmother was Anna Elizabeth who was John George’s sister. I too have used the little book that John and Wilma Akers put together on the Schneider Family in America, I had not heard about the Schneider reunion. We are going in April to a Volga German Conference in Leavenworth Washington. Should be quite interesting.

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