I have been using my own forms for genealogy for sometime now and thought to share them with you. If you click on the highlighted name for the form you can print or download any or all of these pdf’s.

When I started doing this 30 years ago it was all about the paper trail. I often would  go through a whole microfilm of parish  records and extract all the individuals with the same family name I am working on.

Family group sheet mini

Mini Family Group sheets

This mini Family group sheet is very handy for keeping track of families when extracting lots of individuals from a single source The one shown here is for the paternal line hence blue. I also have a form in red for the maternal lines. Other colors include green and yellow.

Document Log

Document Log

Another form I use a lot is my Document Log. This is also available in other colors. Red, yellow, green. This log lets me see at a glance where the holes in the story of an individual are and where next I should focus my research.

Binder Index

Binder Index

The binder Index is the front Page on all my binders as a reference to how the binder is set up.

Here are the links to binder index in blue, red, green and yellow.

Research Log

Something you may be interested in is my layout for a research log. The one shown is for the paternal line. These are not pdf’s but Word documents. They are in all four colors, blue, red, green, and yellow.

If you have used one or more of these forms, contact me and let me know what you.think.


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