This weeks challenge on 52 Ancestors was ‘king’. That’s a toughie for us. No royalty, no king family name, no one associated with the ‘king of rock and roll’ or any other nobility of the arts. The closest I have found is Typhenia Plumbridge who married John Edward Sly. So it is only by marriage that I can lay claim to any notoriety not nobility.
So who was John E. Sly? Exactly what I asked when I found the following newspaper clipping in my 3x maternal great grandmother Jane (Langley) Jones note book. (click on image to enlarge)

J. E. Sly  Newspaper clipping pg.1
J. E. Sly
Newspaper clipping
page 1
J.E. Sly Newspaper clipping page 2
J.E. Sly
Newspaper clipping
page 2


The connection was only solved recently on my research trip to Salt Lake City. Jane Langley was born in 1811 to Edward and Mary Langley in Coleshill, Warwickshire, England. Her older sister Elizabeth had been born in 1801. In 1828 Elizabeth Langley married John Plumbridge of George Botothel Lane, London.

Elizabeth and George had nine children.Their eighth child Typhenia was born 1841 in London. Her father John Plumbrige was listed in the 1841UK census as an Orange Merchant.
On 13 August 1871 in Deptford, England Typhenia married John E. Sly.
In the 1881 UK Census John E. Sly is listed as Merchant (grocery bag).
In the 1891 UK Census John is listed as a Bag Merchant.
In the 1901 UK census John is listed as High Bailiff City of London Court.
So what does this mean? How does he go from being a merchant of grocery bags to a Bailiff in the City of London Court.

The above article clearly recounts his public service life beginning as an active member and representative in his parish and moving from there to public offices and service to the city of London. It states that he was presented to HRH the Prince of Wales. Who became King Edward VII 22 January 1901. There it is my connection (very remote) to royalty.


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