February 16, 2014 I posted my first blog. The past year has been busy. I have continued to work for Duncan Engineering remotely as we moved from California to Washington State.

The Move
The Move

I have continued to design individual homes for clients. I have become an active member of Soroptimist International of Greater North Kitsap.

We traveled to South Dakota to visit family last summer and family visited us here in our new home several times through the past 12 months. My sister and I traveled to Salt Lake City to do genealogy research at the Family History Library, and I was still able to post 47 blogs during those 52 weeks.
Thanks to all of you who have been following this blog. Some, new to me, cousins have contacted me through this blog. It has been very exciting for me to make these contacts. Thank you for reaching out. Other family members and first cousins and once removed cousins are also following and I really appreciate your support. And a special thanks to those who found something in my blog and decided to follow.
My goals in starting my blog were two fold, 1. share my family stories with my family and 2 get my genealogy in some order.
What I have learned in this past year;
#1 how to maintain a blogging schedule,
#2 blogging about my ancestors has given me the opportunity to proof my research one individual at a time,
#3 I found where my file system needs improvement,
#4 I discovered where I had skipped individuals completely.
#5 family members I never knew,
#6 many new helpful and inspiring sites that are on the Internet, and
#7 connecting with collateral relatives has shown me that I need to revamped the way I pursue relatives.
Initially my goal when I started genealogy was to get our lines back as far as possible, where my sisters goal was to find when each family line came to this country. Now I am looking at more down line ancestors finding those contemporaries whose interest in genealogy we share.
I would love for those who are following my blogs to let me know which blogs you especially liked, and what you would like to see more of in this next year.

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  1. I’m not sure I have a favorite, but have enjoyed the blog very much. You commitment is admirable to both the time dedicated to research and blogging! Thanks for doing this for our family!

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