I have a calendar I printed out with all the relatives birthday, anniversary and death days. In reviewing October I was struck by the number of contemporaries that celebrate their birthday this month. I see one non-contemporary that was born over 300 years ago. Ruth Whipple was born 27 October 1692 ( the year of the Salem Witch Trials) in Ipswich, Essex county Massachusetts to Joseph D. and Sarah (Fairfield) Whipple.

Ipswich Mass. town records, births
Ipswich Mass. town records, births

On 20 November 1708, when Ruth was 16 years of age her father Joseph died and 5 years later  on 16 September 1713 her mother Sarah died.

Ruth Whipple married Seth Putnam on 16 September 1718 in Salem, Essex county Massachusetts. So looking at the map of Ipswich in relation to Salem. I wonder how they met? On the map below Ipswich is north of Salem, and Billerica is to the west. Remember to click on image to enlarge.

Partial Map of Massuchusetts
Partial Map of Massuchusetts

A year after their marriage their first child Ebenezer is recorded as being born 8 August 1719 in Billerica, Massachusetts.


Massachusetts Town Records Billerica
Massachusetts Town Records

From this listing for Billerica we see eight children born to Seth and Ruth from 1719 – 1732. Timothy their last child born on Christmas day 1732.

Sometime between 1740 and 1749 Seth and Ruth Putnam and several of their children including Ebenezer, Seth Jr. and Timothy relocated to Charlestown New Hampshire known at that time as No.4. It was one of 9 settlements from Massachusetts designated in the frontier area. Members of ancestry.com can view the History of Charlestown to learn more about the early years of Charlestown and their troubles during the French and Indian wars. Also we find the death of a Seth Putnam who may or may not be the son of Seth and Ruth.

Seth Putnam Senior dies 30 November 1775. He is buried in Charlestown.

Seth Putnam tombstone Find a grave added by Pam Emery
Seth Putnam tombstone
from findagrave.com
added by Pam Emery

Here lies Buried
Mr. Seth Putnam
Who departed this Life
Nov. 30, 1775 aged
80 years & 6 Months.

Ruth died 1 February 1785 and is buried also in Charlestown, New Hampshire.

Ruth Whipple Putnam tombstone from findagrave.com added by Pam Emery
Ruth Whipple Putnam tombstone
from findagrave.com
added by Pam Emery

In Memory of
Mrs. Ruth, Wife of Mr.
Seth Putnam Who
died Feb. 1, 1785.
In the 93rd year
of her age.


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