My grandmother was named Ada Richmal Heap.  I had always been curious about my grandmothers middle name but only remembered that it had been a family name. Apparently she was named for both her grandmothers, Ada for her mother’s mother and Richmal for her father’s mother. I discovered who Richmal actually was when researching the Heap Family line. It was the marriage record that revealed her maiden name. (Click on images to enlarge.)

UK Parish marriage Record John Woolley Heap and Richmal Hall
UK Parish marriage Record
John Woolley Heap and Richmal Hall

Also listed on the record was her father.

Samuel Hall,  Moulder.

With a common name of Samuel Hall in England’s Cheshire/Lancashire area of Ashton -under Lyne, I really appreciate these helpful bits of information . Knowing he was an (iron) moulder narrowed the field down to a single individual. When looking for the Parish records for Richmal’s baptism I thought it would be straight forward because of her unusual first name. It became a little confusing to discover two Richmal Halls baptized in two different parishes just a few months apart.

Lancashire Parish Baptism Richmal Hall
Lancashire Parish Baptism
Richmal Hall ~ 18 Jan. 1835

The above baptism in the Parish of Aston-under Lyne show the parents of Richmal as Samuel and Sarah Hall, living in Newton, and Samuel’s trade as “Iron Moulder”.

The other Baptism for a Richmal is 6 July 1834 in the Parish of Bury, the parents are James and Richmal Hall of Redvales, and James’ trade is “Weaver”.  Richmal’s birth is listed as March 25, 1834.

Lancashire Bury Parish Richmal Hall not ours
Lancashire Bury Parish
Richmal Hall
not ours

This brought to mind how my mother named her son David and about 6 months later and 200 miles away her sister-in law also had a boy and named him David. Could this be what happened here? Are the two Richmal’s cousins?

So now that I have Richmal’s parent as Samuel and Sarah, but who was Sarah?

I found that Samuel Hall, a Bachelor, marries a  Sarah Marland on 10 May 1818 in the Parish of Stockport in Cheshire, England. The lesson here is once you find the information that fits do not stop looking because that may not be the end of the story.

Cheshire Marriage record Parish of Stockport Samuel Hall and Sarah
Cheshire Marriage record Parish of Stockport
Samuel Hall and Sarah Marland

In 1820 Samuel Hall, a Widower, married Sarah Coe on 2 January. Note that both of these records indicate Samuel Hall is an Iron Moulder.

Cheshire Marriages Parish of Stockport Samuel Hall and Sarah Coe
Cheshire Marriages Parish of Stockport
Samuel Hall and Sarah Coe

Therefore Samuel married Sarah Marland in 1818 and by January of 1820 Sarah has died and Samuel remarries a Sarah Coe.


In the 1841 UK Census for Cheshire Dunkenfield, Samuel is listed as 40 and an Iron Moulder, his wife is listed as Sally also 40. What happened to Sarah?

1841 UK Census Dunkenfield Cheshire
1841 UK Census
Dunkenfield Cheshire


Included in the household are John 20, Ann 22, Julia 15 a Bonnet maker,  Charles 15 , Ann 14, Martha 12, Ricahmal 7, Sarah 5, and Fanny 10 months.

I have been unsuccessful in locating Samuel, an Iron Moulder, in the 1851 UK Census. Lots of Samuel Halls in both Dunkenfield and Ashton-under Lyne, but none that have the right trade or family members. Looking for the sons in the 1851 census has not been fruitful either.

1861 UK Census Aston-under Lyne St Michaels parish
1861 UK Census
Aston-under Lyne
St Michaels parish

Again in the 1861 UK Census Samuel is shown alone with Sally. Who is Sally?

Probate index Samuel Hall
Probate index Samuel Hall

From the Probate index above we see that John Hall is Samuel’s son. In the 1841 census we can verify that John and Richmal (Richmal Baptised 18 Jan 1835) are the children of Samuel and Sarah Coe. There is a Charles Hall baptized  15 May 1825 at St Michaels in Aston-under Lyne to a Samuel and Sarah Hall. The Charles listed in the 1841 census is 15 making his birth about 1825 or 26. This gives me a reasonable assumption that Charles listed in the 1841 census is also Samuel and Sarah’s child.  There are two Ann’s listed in this census one being 22 and the other 14. Is Ann wife to John?If Samuel’s wife Sarah died prior to 1841 then some members of the household may be Sally’s children from a previous marriage. And depending on when Sarah died will indicate if any of the children could be from a third marriage of Samuel and Sally.

I will continue to look for baptismal records for children born to Samuel and Sarah. I still need death records for both Sarah Marland and Sarah Coe. In the meantime I can look to see if Samuel remarries in St. Michaels to a Sally. Or I may find a death record for a Sally Hall wife of Samuel. As usual while I have the answer to my initial question I now have half a dozen new questions.





6 thoughts on “Who were Richmal HEAP’s parents?

  1. Great work again. Somewhere I have these records, I guess not on this computer but on one of the others that I have running for our family tree. . . . but looking at it again here made me take the time to look again. Ok, the Probate record for SAMUEL has his son JOHN listed and WILLIAM PARKIN — – —

    You know who WILLIAM PARKIN is right? He is the wife of ANN HALL you can find them right under Ann’s parents in the 1861 CENSUS — – very unique also

    He is listed WILLIAM PARKIN age 26 — Iron Moulder ANN PARKIN 32 — wife JOHN C. 3 — son — BORN – America SAMUEL E. 1 — son — born — England

    Somewhere in some file I have that some of the HALLs had come for a visit to the USA in the mid 1800. . not sure where it is. . have some 10-12 boxes to go into and 3 computers to look for ALSO I have a photo here in front of me that has been driving me crazy IT IS A BABY PHOTO (6 month old baby boy) FROM PRINCETON, NJ of HERBERT WILLIAM HALL. . . from his mother named CHERRY .. . .. . .. not sure who he is. . and I have over the year taken it out. . trying to look him up. . . NEVER found out who he was .. .just doing it again today before I found your new email – — the photo is taken sometime in the late 1800’s or maybe early 1900’s it is a postcard type. . From — CLARK Photo shop in Trenton, NJ .. . . actually just now looking up info on Post cards. . .this type was used from about 1905-1915.

    I wonder who this boy is? So, it seems the Hall family was in touch with the HEAP family of Staten Island, this had to be given to my great grandfather HENRY ERNEST HEAP. . . it was with stuff that came from my Grandmother MARY RICHMAL HEAP BLOMQUIST!

    Interesting to see JOHN C. PARKIN being born in AMERICA. . . I had found (will look for it) one of the sisters either it was HEAP or HALL had married and moved to the USA, Ohio I think and this was about 1850’s or so if I remember right.

    So, with the census and probate of will, I would think William Parkin is the son in-law of SAMUEL HALL. . . seems they follow the customs of naming the first son after the husbands father (assuming this) and the 2nd son after the wife’s father. . . SAMUEL E> HALL b:abt 1860?

    So I would guess ANN PARKIN is the daughter of SAMUEL HALL b: abt 1828/29

    What is your thinking? MIKE

    1. Mike,
      Thanks for the comments. So sorry I have been slow responding. I did not know who William Parkin, the other executor, was on Samuels will but had seen that he lived next door to the Halls in the 1861 UK Census. So if Ann Parkin is 32 in the 1861 census then the Ann who is 13 in the 1841 census you believe is a Hall. Is her mother a Sarah or a Sally?

    2. Mike,
      I just started going through the Ann Hall / William Parkin information. I found the marriage of William and Ann in Ashton under Lyne on 4 June 1857. From the UK census Charles is born in 1856 in Columbus Ohio and the Family is back in England for the 1861 census. It is very interesting.

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