My challenge for this month was to review the Batson Family Line.
Last week I outlined the process I plan to use as I continue this year’s challenge to review one Family Line each month. At the start of each month I will pull off the shelf the next surname binder. So even though I might not have completed reviewing the files for the Batson Family on the first of the month I’m moving on.
The goal is to get my files in order and to outline what tasks are yet needed on each line.
Carrie or Caroline Batson is where the Batson Family begins, Carrie had three sisters and six brothers. Emma, the eldest, was born about 1846 and Edgar E., the youngest, was born in 1894. Alfred the oldest boy was born about 1847 which means he was of age to have served during the Civil War.  There are several possibilities for him in the civil war, but none are obviously him. I do not have Alfred in the 1870 US Federal Census. But I have found a county marriage record for him and other US Federal Census records. In 1880 Alfred is married and living in Clark Co., Illinois, and working as a potter. I am certain this is John R.’s son and Carrie’s brother. John R. Batson was a lifelong potter and William L., Alfred’s bother, is shown also working as a potter in the 1870 census, while still living at home. In the 1900 US Census Alfred was then living in Sullivan Co. Indiana, but is now listed as a coal miner. Curious as to  what happened. I have discovered that in the 1890 a huge influx of immigrants into this country were coming from areas renown for their pottery, and it wasn’t until around 1910 that the tariff on imported pottery was lifted causing an impact on this country’s pottery industry.

Trying to put some facts and substance to the other siblings  will take more research. I’ve only been able to find the deaths of 8 of the 10 children of John R. and Sarah J. (Dick) Batson.

I have been able to document John Batson fairly extensively. Now his parents are noted as William Batson and Catherine Aldrage. William born about 1799 is also shown as a potter in the 1850 US Census. We have only 4 children born to William.  John, our 2x great grandfather born about 1823 in Virginia (later noted as W. Virginia), William born about 1827 in Va, also listed as a potter in the 1850 US Census, Charles born about 1833 in Ohio and Mary born about 1835 in Ohio. I have found a marriage record in Ohio of William Batson to Catherine Aldrage on 29 August 1840, Therefore Catherine is more than likely not John nor Williams mother also probably not Charles or Mary’s either. Another task, who is John’s mother?


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In the 1850 Census we see William and Catherine with a Charles 17 also a potter and Mary 16.

1850 US Federal Census Muskingum County, Ohio
1850 US Federal Census Muskingum County, Ohio

William and Catherine leave Ohio and move out to Leavenworth County, Kansas where the are enumerated in the 1860 US Federal Census in Easton.

1860 US Federal Census pg.1 William Batson
1860 US Federal Census
pg.1 William Batson
1860 US Federal Census pg. 2 William Batson
1860 US Federal Census
pg. 2 William Batson










As you can see Catherine is mislabeled as Elizabeth (possibly a middle name) and there is an Elizabeth Aldridge. Questions to be answered: Is Aldridge, Catherine’s maiden name or from an earlier marriage? What relationship is there to Elizabeth Aldridge?

Elizabeth is 30 in this census making her birth about 1830, That was prior to when Catherine married William Batson. So if she is a daughter of Catherine why isn’t she in the 1850 census.

1870 US Federal census SpringDale Leavenworth County, Kansas
1870 US Federal census SpringDale Leavenworth County, Kansas

In the 1870 US Federal Census Elizabeth Aldridge is now listed as either 25 or 35 not aging as the rest of us. She and Catherine are both shown as unable to write. I did find in the Bethel Cemetery, Springdale, Leavenworth County, Kansas, William Batson and Catherine Batson are buried there, also there is an Elizabeth Aldridge, it gives her date of birth on the stone as 10 Feb. 1823 and her death date as 20 Feb. 1893.

According to the photos on find a grave, William Batson death is listed as 7 April 1872  and Catherine death was 5 months earlier on 16 October 1871.

We need to find the death record in Kansas for William to find who his birth parents were. Also the Death certificate for Catherine may solve the question is Aldrage or Aldridge her maiden name. Of course if you have any information on this family line I would love to hear from you.

Next weeks it is the Booth Family line.

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  1. My line is from Mary (sister of John R) and Thomas Clugston, You may have noticed that Thomas was a potter as well, moved to Clark Co, IL and between 1880 /census and 1883 moved family to Terre Haute just north of Sullivan.

    1. Jerry,
      Thanks for filling me in on Mary Batson and Thomas Clugton. I love that she married a potter. Did he continue as a potter in Terre Haute? We are considering going to Ohio next summer to learn more on the Batsons and their time in Ohio.
      Thangs for stopping by my blog.

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