Mom , Madeleine & I , sometimes Barbara & David too would attend Easter Sunday church at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, in Visalia California. Madeleine and I often had matching outfits, hand-me-downs from our uncle’s step daughters.

Easter 1955

Mom might make “Hot Cross Buns”, a nod to her mother and that families British heritage. Grandma Dougherty was not Irish but very British , she had been a great baker more then a cook. Unfortunately I have none of her recipes.
After we got home from church we were then allowed to have our egg hunt. Meanwhile mom would be getting the food together for the family Easter Sunday dinner. Sometimes we would go to Aunt Babe’s.

Barb, Dad Madeleine, Grampy, Ada, David, Mom

She would have a big table set up in the back yard and it would be filled with the traditional fare, ham, potato salads,  fresh peas and carrots. I do not remember it ever raining on Easter back then. Today it is raining and I made the Hot Cross Buns.


Hope you are making Easter Memories today.

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    1. Which one are you calling dorkie? The one in back of Aunt Babe’s was a really bad picture that I had to work with to get the picture that I did from it. Now Dad is who looks really dorkie, fooling around for the photo.

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