While recently  in Salt Lake City at the Family History Library, I made a quick sojourn into the Kornmeyer family line. If you have been reading my blog you may remember that the Kornmeyers are my husbands paternal line. The first of this line to arrive in the United States was Martin Kornmeyer and his family in October 1850. They had left from the Grandduchy of Baden.as noted in the “Katholisch – Böhringen, Konstanx, Baden” (Catholic Church records)in 1848.


Located in the southern most reaches of Baden,  Böhringen may be found just north west of Konstanz, approximately 10 miles.

Leading west out of Lake Constance is the Rhine River. Munich is northeast of Konstanz.

Josephus Kornmeyer

During my research I found record in “Katholisch – Böhringen, Konstanz, Baden” recording the marriage record for Josephus Kornmeyer and Cecelia Froehlin on 05 May 1735. Then the following children entrants can be found subsequently  by year of the christening.

  • Maria Ursula 02 September 1736
  • Maria Helena 14 March 1738
  • Nicholus 08 December 1740
  • Gregorius  28 February 1743
  • Francisca 26 February 1746

Many entrants in the Catholic Parish records after 1800 show the parents of the bride and groom, this is one way to trace the family line back but this one prior to the 1800 only records the couple and the date. Finding Josephus  and Celcelia parent’s was to take a little more sleuthing.

I was assuming that Josephus was born between 1705 and 1715.

  • I searched the Parish records for Josephus christened during that time period in Böhringen.
  • I searched the Parish records for Josephus christened during that time period in neighboring parish Friedingen
    • Josephus Kornmeyer christened 22 March 1706 son of Gregorius Kornmeyer and Eva Muellerin
    • Josephus Kornmeyer christened 27 July 1706 son of Jacobu Kornmeyer and Maria Bieggerin.

Which couple if either are the parents of our Josephus Kornmeyer? That is a question to be solved another day.

Gregorius Kornmeyer

The following rather poor copy is Josephus and Cecelia’s son Gregorius’s christening in Böhringen, 28 February 1743.



Gregotius Kornmeyer married Anastatia Martinin 24 April 1765. The following children were christened in “Katholisch – Böhringen, Konstanz, Baden”according to their records to Gregorious Kornmeyer and Anastastia (or Anna Maria) Martinin:

  • Joseph
  • Joannes Baptista
  • Ignatios
  • Ana Maria
  • Maria Ana
  • Victoria
  • Josephus
  • Ignaious
  • Anastatia
  • Phillippus Jacobus  b. 1777 m. 1804 Waldburga Meyer d. 13 April 1824
  • Joannes Georgius
  • Fidelis  b.22 April 1782 m. 09 June 1817 Anna Maria Winier d. 20 Aug. 1857
  • Simon  b. 25 October 1783  d. 10 Dec. 1854

Phillippus Jacobus Kornmeyer

In the records of Böhringen, dated from 1818-1885 I have seen the family pages for Phillip  and his brother Fidel.

Phillip and his wife Waldburga Meyer had 13 children.  Number 5 was Martin b. 18 October 1811.

He had a sister Anna Maria b. 19 Jan 1822 who married a Pius Fahr 15 Nov 1847 in Böhringen

She and Pius have the following:

  • Teressia b. 14 Aug. 1849 Berndorf Rheinland Prusia
  • Dionis b. 08 Dec.  1851 Berndorf Rheinland Prusia d. 05 January 1852
  • Dionys b. 10 April 1853 Gottmadingen Konstanz Baden
  • Lenard b. 1856 Gottmadingen Konstanz Baden m. 22 February 1884 Sophie Fahr
  • Josef b. 18 March 1861 Gottmadingen Konstanz Baden
  • Bernard b. 10 Sept 1863 Gottmadingen Konstanz Baden

What I find interesting is that Berndorf is 480km from Gottmadingen Konstanz Baden. and you see by the map above that Gottmadingen is only 7 miles from Böhringen.

So question for the relatives is “did Anna Maria and her husband start out with Martin and his family for America?”

What about the 1848 Baden Revolution?



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