Day 31 or is it 38

2020 will go down in history as the year of the Pandemic. Instead of where were you when the twin towers went down the question will be “what did you do during the 2020 Pandemic?”
In 2014 I started working from home. I was employed by a Structural Engineer in California and my husband retired  and he and I decided we would move to Washington state. My boss offered to have me continue working remotely . By 2020 I was pretty comfortable in my position. I had all the tools needed to work from home. My large office had a plotter, printer, PC, laptop, and large screen monitor. So when everyone else was complaining about staying home it felt no different, well except for the lack of opportunities to get out of the house,
No meetings, no trips to the library, no trips to the dog parks, no evenings out or ferry rides to Seattle.

The lack of opportunities to get out affected my daily attitude. Instead of getting up and getting ready for work like I was going to an outside office, which I had been doing for 6 years, I started taking showers every other day and sometimes I did not shower for two days. I would forget to comb my hair or even brush my teeth. After getting my normal job work done I would laze around for a while. My hobbies were neglected. I read lots of fluff books. I would check my emails and facebook more often Ughhh………..
What was happening? With all this time to get so much done why isn’t my office spotless, my to-do list should have everything marked DONE.
So here is the plan it is day 31 or is it day 38. In case you had not noticed I am.big on lists. Here’s my daily list:

  • Get up, Shower, Comb hair, brush teeth,go to work (the trip to work about 20 steps from the kitchen counter). DONE!
  • Check work emails, do any outstanding jobs and return to client/boss. DONE!
  • Clean office DONE!
  • Finish one or two items on the To-Do list DONE!
  • Check work emails, do any outstanding jobs and return to client/boss. DONE!
  • Work on Blog

So here I am, working on my Blog.

The other morning I was looking at my emails and one site that I follow “Hound on the Hunt”  had a word search puzzle ,and for the heck of it I printed it out and circled each of the words as I located them in the puzzle. I looked at the time stamp and saw it had only been in my email box for about an hour so I thought what the heck I’ll just send this in. And low and behold that afternoon I got an email that I was a winner. WOW, my lucky day!

I get lots of emails everyday for different genealogy sites that I follow.  Ellen Thompson-Jennings is a genealogy hound and  her blog is Hound on the Hunt. She is Canadian and has a lot to offer every week. I always open her emails. There are others that I don’t always open. 

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