Getting Organized, again!

Last year I was working on reviewing and updating each family line that I have in a binder. I was calling it 12 Family Lines 12 Months. I had completed through the Marsh family line. That was actually 14 Families and I had started back in 2018. Since then I was sidetracked, You know when that bright shiny object catches your attention and draws you away from your goal. That bright shiny object has been DNA.

Each Family Line has its own Binder

Some of you have used my forms previously. Today I updated my Forms page . You might take a look and if you find them helpful please leave a comment.

With this Stay Home, Stay Healthy mandate, it’s time to get back on track. I am not starting where I left off because I want to save the Putnam line for last, since it is a very large file.

Here is the layout to each binder

  • Index
  • pedigree chart of individual family line ( from software program i.e. Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic, Legacy, etc.)
  • Individual Tab
  • Individual family group sheet (again from software program)
  • Individual Timeline (again from software program)
  • Ancestor Document Log

The new Fan chart from My Heritage has two different views this one is the color mode. I really like this view. I can use it for a quick reference. I added the numbers to show how many ancestors in each generation. The only thing I do not like about the color chart is that I think the red should be for the Dougherty Line,the Red-orange the Ferguson’s the orange the Heaps and the Booths would be the yellow. The arrow is pointing to Alice Robinson the first individual that starts the Robinson Family Line.

Robinson Family

Alice Robinson along with her husband Joseph L. Booth were original immigrants to the United States in 1842 from Padham, Lancashire England. Alice was 34 when they immigrated leaving anyone left in her family behind. Both of Alice’s parents had died. Her father Henry Robinson was buried 24 March 1836 age 75, while her mother Nancy Robinson had died 25 January 1834 at 67 years of age. Henry was born about 1762 and baptized 13 April 1762 in Padham, Lancashire. He was listed as son of Margaret Robinson with no father identified. We will never know his father except possibly through DNA but I’m not going there.

In researching Margaret Robinson in Padham I found in the Parish registry Margaret daughter of John Robinson and his wife Alice. This Margaret is baptized 21 February 1739. That could be Henry’s mother. An interesting side note is that the parish registry went from March 26 1739 to March 25 1740. I had originally attributed Margaret’s birth year as 1739 and then recently I noticed that April was noted as 1740 so I thought that I had missed the change in year to 1740 when comparing the Bishops records to the Parish records. No, England and the American colonies were still using the the old calendar that had the new year as March 25th right up until 1752.

So if this is our Margaret in 1739.

Also in Padham we have John Robinson marrying an Alice Wilkinson in 1737.

If John and Alice married in 1737 the latest we would expect John to be born is 1719. Searching the same Parish book going backward from the marriage record I skipped the John that was baptized in 1723 as being to young and did not find another John being baptized until 1704. Unfortunately they had stopped listing the mothers name in about 1720 so John son of William Robinson was baptized on 6 January 1704 would make him 33 when he marries Alice. So maybe it was the other John that had been baptised in 1723 but as a young child and not an Infant.

I did go on to find a marriage that could be the parents of the John Robinson that was born in 1704. William Robinson and Margaret Wadington. Married Feb. 27th

In conclusion I have another family to sort out.

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  1. I have used similar forms, but will update to yours. Thank you, another great blog

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