If I could time travel I would be headed back to 1850 and Lackawaxen, Pike County Pennsylvania. I would be asking my 2x great grandfather William Lyle Dougherty all those questions that I have not been able to find the answer to in the records searched. It would be great to sit at the breakfast table with him and Jane, his wife along with the kids: John Lyle, Clark, and William. Maybe Jane’s father, John Westfall would stop by on his way to the saw mill and would join our conversation.
If it is this date in 1850 there is possibly snow on the ground and ice on the Canal that runs just south of the Westfall’s property. The wood stove near the breakfast table would make a cozy setting for our conversation.
I would ask Grandpa to tell me about his home in Ireland, why he left and how he meet Jane.
I hope I can either take notes or have a recording device that I can take with me through the time portal that will still function.

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