Easy Rice Pudding~

Mom’s Recipe
What do you do with leftover white rice besides eat with milk and sugar the next morning for breakfast? My mom would make Rice Pudding which I just loved. This is a great recipe and one that I use often. So when I saw this weeks prompt “invite to dinner” I decided if company were coming for dinner I would make mom’s Rice Pudding.

Here’s the recipe I had mom write out for me about 50 years ago.    


1 cup cooked rice

1 cup of sugar

3 eggs

3 cups of milk

1 tsp. vanilla

dash of salt

I use whatever rice is left over sometimes it’s as little as 3/4 of a cup or even up to three cups .

I always use mom’s soufflé dish for this recipe. It is just the right size.

If you cook the rice first be sure to let it cool before adding the other  ingredients. I mix everything right in the dish I use to bake the pudding.

Mix the sugar with the rice.

Pour in the milk. Beat the eggs well, then add, stirring til the rice is well distributed and not clumpy. Add the vanilla and salt. Stir well.

I like to grate fresh nutmeg on top.


Place the dish in a hot oven in a water bath







Bake at 350 degrees until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Allow to cool before serving. Fixing “Rice Pudding” always brings back memories of mom.  I hope you try this recipe and let me know what you thought.

Last weeks giveaway goes to Pat McAlexander. Congratulation and thanks for making a connection.