By day four on our Viking cruise we sort of knew what to expect. Looking back I now appreciate the process of Viking testing all of us on board every morning for COVID. I am so glad we travelled during September when everything was fairly calm with COVID. Breakfast every morning for us was enjoyed on the foredeck. Our tour group met soon thereafter in the Lobby. Today we were off to Speyer. While on our walking tour of Speyer our boat traveled on to Worms.

A little rainy while walking around but a lovely city. It was really nice that the streets were not crowded at all. Not sure if this was due to the weather or the pandemic.

Our walking tour with our guide, Ingrid, included the Imperial Cathedral of Speyer originally completed in 1109 and then destroyed in 1689 when the French destroyed the town. it wasn’t rebuilt until the 1700’s. Construction was completed in 1772.

Another historical site we visited on our walking tour was the Jewish History Center and their Cleansing bath that dates from the 1100’s.

Here we were able to walk down the steps right to the water of this ancient community bath.

Sitting in a plaza near the Speyer Cathedral we had a gelato and watched the few people that were out in the soft morning rain.

Our tour caught up with the boat in Worms an continued cruising to Rudesheim that day.

At this point we were half way through our Rhine River cruise. if you like the photos leave a comment below and follow my blog for more on the rest of our trip.

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  1. I loved Rudesheim! We didn’t go to Worms. Our tours did sound different—our briefings were before dinner the night before.

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