This was day nine and we were starting on the section of the Rhine River that is touted as the “Romantic Rhine River Gorge” The day was reminiscent of those spring days when we were first in Belgium, 50 years earlier. The sky slightly overcast but with hints of blue making the lighting soft and crisp at the same time. It may have been a little cool on the upper deck of the long boat but the charm of the views on each side of the river were entrancing. This was easily the most pictures taken in a single day by both my husband and I. I tried to pick a cross section that showed the regions beauty during our day.

There were of course castles, churches, and beautiful villages. There were also wineries, river traffic and some traces of modern adding to a lovely eclectic and picturesque morning and afternoon of cruising.

Maybe you’ve heard the story of the Lorelei? It’s about a very difficult section of the middle Rhine, were the river narrows at a bend. There have been so many wrecks here that a legend and a song have helped to tell a story of love, loss and a sirens song that have caused many a ship to crash on the rocks and the sad loss of the sailors from those ships. As with all tourist ships the song was played as we peacefully made our way down the Rhine and around the bend safely.

Our stop at Kobling afforded us the opportunity for a bus trip to Marksburg Castle. The castle was one we had seen from the river but I could’t tell you if I got a picture of it from the river, there were so many.

Hope you enjoyed my photo journey down the Rhine. Leave a comment below and hope to see you back here soon.

2 thoughts on “Romantic Rhine River Gorge

  1. I loved your pictures. We too cruised (on Avalon) through that Gorge with the Lorelei song playing. It looked as though the weather was cold as you went through. In mid-May for us, the weather was quite warm. We were served a barbecue lunch on the sky deck just before entering that area of the Rhine.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed the pictures, I was fairly pleased with how they turned out. So glad you were able to have the same great experience.

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