This was our last official stop in Germany. I love the city of Cologne. As our tour entered the city we learned a little about St. Martin Romanesque Church. It was built on the ruins of a Roman storage building that was also used as a chapel.

The world renown and beautiful Cologne Cathedral was our next highlight on our walking tour. Liz and Shelly took a tour that went into the attic of this very ornate gothic Cologne Cathedral. Being slightly terrified of heights I chose to pass on that opportunity.

We also had the opportunity to visited the Ludwig Museum practically next door to the cathedral. They have a few Warhols, Picassos, and one Roy Lichtenstein. I took the opportunity to visit the local world renown perfumery ”4711”. if you are not familiar with this cologne from Cologne, it was very popular back in the late 1960’s. (I guess that dates me.) It is a light citrus scent that I absolutely adore.

Cologne after dark

Prior to our evening sailing we walked a bit around the cathedral square after dark.

The next post will be our last stop on the Viking Rhine River cruise before our disembarking in Amsterdam. Thanks for taking a moment to stop by. If you enjoyed my photos please leave a comment below. Hope you will join me next time.

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  1. Thanks Ada for the recap of the amazing vacation we all took together. Such fond memories!♥️

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